Air Compressor Service


At Ublast Pty Ltd we understand that every customer’s air compressor is different but every compressor has something in common. Air supply is an important energy source in many different industries. The importance of being able to rely on your air compressor working efficiently and constantly operating is essential.

We will work with you to ensure your air compressor service is done correctly in a timely manner and any interuptions are minimal to the workshop operation. We can forecast your next service and arrange a convenient time for the service work to be carried out. Out team will communicate with you each time to keep you informed of the progress.

Our highly trained technicians carry out a professional service which include preventative maintenance tips to reduce the likelihood of expensive and disruptive future problems.

We guarantee that all air compressor service jobs are done properly, whether it is at our workshop or onsite at your workshop.

The Team at Ublast Pty Ptd offer support for all our customers with repairs and maintenance operationand are available 6 days per week with a dedicated service contact phone number.

At the end of each service we will provide you with a report on the service provided on your equipment and any waste material is removed from the workshop.

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