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Ublast Pty Ltd has a sandblasting and spray painting room for any type of object.
Whether you have a car trailer truck boat outdoor setting bumper bar ute tray wheels gas bottle tool box, we can help you restore your item and have it looking brand new again.
Sand blasting is still one of the most efficient ways to clean the surface to be ready for the spray paint to be applied. Once the surface has been sand blasted, you can apply the paint with confidence knowing your product will be protected for years to come.
Why is sandblasting used?
Sandblasting or abrasive grit blasting is a surface treatment process widely used in a variety of different industries with many diverse purposes. Sandblasting or abrasive blasting is the process by which an abrasive media is accelerated through a blasting nozzle by means of compressed air. Narre Warren Sandblasting is part of Ublast who also are an online shopping website for Air Compressors and Sandblasters, air tools air hose and more. We are a premiere company that focuses on customer satisfaction.
We offer great service at competitive prices on sandblasting and spray painting. Why not contact us anytime for your FREE quote.

Spray Booth 1

Spray Booth operating at Ublast spray painting

Ublast has now installed a spray painting facility in their factory. Formerly known as Narre Warren Sandblasting or Sandblaster.Melbourne, we offer sandblasting and spraypainting services. We can include professional advice for any type of spray paint from etch priming to top coats. We offer the right advice for your item. The process to clean the surface with sand blasting and help prepare the re coat your item to protect it for years is our main focus. Anything that relates to industrial spray painting, we are here to help.

Having completed many sandblasted products from cars, trucks, trailers, gas bottles, horse floats, cast iron seats, stoves, boats, steel parts, plastic sheets, signs, wheels, motorbikes, bmx’s, locking beams and much more. Our staff have abrasive blasted and spray painted for years. If your job is too big we will recommend another qualified and honest company to get your job done.

Whilst we don’t do mobile and onsite sandblasting, we have many contacts in the industry and can recommend several different blasters. We can provide a contact for soda blasting or sand blasting. We even have a contact for wet blasting.

Many of our regular customers will verify the quality of work we have completed for sandblasting and spray painting. We offer discount rates for repeat customers.

Our fully equipped factory has a walk in sand blasting and spray painting rooms which can accommodate for vehicles of most sizes. Our qualified staff will make sure that your item is completed to your satisfaction. We pride ourselves on customer service along with offering the right advice.

FREE QUOTES for any sandblast or spray paint job required, contact the team at Ublast for your free quote today.

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Datsun 1200 Ute Sandblasted & Etch Primed

Datsun Ute Sandblasted & Etch Primed ready to be restored
Jake Vogas approached Luke at Ublast Pty Ltd to help restore his Datsun 1200 ute. The ute was in poor condition having many of the panels covered with rust and paint either faded or eaten away. Exposing your car to the elements with no protection without painting is certainly the most likely to deteriorate the car exterior. Jake stripped his Datsun back removing all the interior including seats. The engine was the next to be taken out of the car. All the exterior items were then removed giving Ublast a clean rolling shell to sand blast. The whole Datsun has been sandblasted, engine bay, ute tray inside & out, floor pan, around the windscreen front & rear, front dash, grill, roof and eventually underneath.
With complete restorations it is important to get your car ready for sandblasting to ensure you have a perfect spray painted finish. Now that the car is etch primed, this will make sure the Datsun stays protected and does not allow any rust to start creeping back onto the car exterior & interior. Car restoration is important as servicing your car. To avoid your car deteriorating with rust and eventually eating through the steel, we can help by sand blasting any painted or rusted items and spray paint them to make them look like new again.
Sandblasting is still one of the most efficient ways to clean the surface of paint and rust. When any object has been sand blasted the surface is ready for painting. Once painted your object will have that brand new look about it. Especially with cars a new paint job brings out the best in the car. You see many hot rod shows or exhibitions where people’s cars have been restored and look amazing.


Sandblasting cast iron furniture


Sandblasting cast iron furniture is a great way to remove that old flaky paint that seems to be peeling off and those rust spots that start to appear. You can try to scrap off the paint with a wire brush or spatula however the paint and rust will not come off that easy and when you go to paint your furniture again that paint will not stay on and you will go through the same process again and again.

Remove the old paint and rust from your old furniture to make it look brand new again by sandblasting it. Sandblasting is still the most efficient way to clean the surface to prepare it for spray painting. When the surface has been sand blasted your paint will be applied and will adhere to the surface extremely well and stay on for years.

The weather elements can be harsh to any material whether its steel, cast iron, aluminium, timber or plastic. By sand blasting the surface and taking off any paint or rust, it allows for the item to be painted and look brand new again and most importantly, it protects your item from deteriorating any further.

Check out the photos of the before and after pictures.


XR Falcon sandblasted and spray painted



Check out the photo’s of Jim’s XR Falcon finished. The car has been sandblasting with the old paint and rust off the car. Now it’s has an etch primer epoxy applied to the XR Falcon, Jim can take this car and get a spray painter to apply the top coats and put it back together and back on the road looking awesome.


what does a XR Falcon to sandblast look like



what does a XR Falcon to sandblast look like?

The photo’s of Jim’s XR Falcon show the car prepared and ready for sandblasting. Jim has asked for us to sand blast and etch prime his XR Falcon. Jim has prepared the car on his rotisserie so we can sandblast the underneath. Complete with all the front and rear quarter panels, doors, bonnet, boot lid and smaller parts, we will sand blast them and etch prime to protect them from rusting again.
Once Jim gets the XR back home, he can store under cover until it’s ready to apply the base and top coats. Restoration is a long process but in the end it is worth all the effort. When the car is back on the road again, it will be a great enjoyment to drive the XR on those nice sunny days.

Check out the before and after photo’s


Sandblast my chairs for function hire

Sandblast my chairs for function hire

Complete Function Hire have dropped off 185 chairs seat stools for sandblasting. These stools are just recently manufactured and need to be prepared for powder coating.

Powder coating needs to have a 100% clean surface for the powder coat to stick to the surface efficiently. By sandblasting the chairs, this can help to make sure the paint stays on the chairs and can withstand the harsh elements and also stop the steel from rusting over time.

As you can see in the photo’s, the before and after pictures show the rusted chairs then the chairs after sand blasting have removed the rust and they are ready to be powder coated.

Sandblast Steel beams For Metalex Hallam (5) (1)

can i sandblast steel pipes?

can i sandblast steel pipes?

Yes any steel item can be sandblasted to remove paint and rust.

Any item that is exposed to the harsh weather elements can be cleaned to be spray painted and protected again form further rusting and destroying your item from the rust.

Narre Warren sandblasting has 220 steel pipes to sandblast to prepare the surface for powder coating. Olivier at Polydip Coatings located in Oakleigh Victoria needs to get the pipes ready to be powder coated and the most efficient way to get them ready is to sand blast them. Powder coating is a perfect opportunity to protect the pipes from rust and over time destroy the steel. These pipes are for commercial operation and must have the best quality coating to protect them to survive the harsh weather elements.

When spray painting or powder coating any object, it is important to have a clean surface. The easiest way to clean a surface is to sandblast it. Any smooth surface when coated with paint will make it difficult to protect the surface as the paint will rust quicker than normal.

Steep pipes must be coated to protect them from the harsh weather elements. If the pipes are not protected there is a huge chance of rust appearing and eventually destroying the pipes, creating holes and over time eating away at the steel. By spray painting or powder coating them, this will keep the pipes in original condition for longer.

Finally after 2 full weeks of sand blasting, the steel pipes we had for Polydip Powder Coating are completed. The 220 pipes ranging from 1.5 metre to 3.3 metres in length have been sent to Polydip Powder Coating in Oakleigh to be powder coated and ready to go out into the field. This job is for Polydip customer Super Maxx Group and they are waiting for the pipes to go out onto site in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

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