Ublast sandblasting then spray painting food van trailer for our customer Twista Bros

Here at Ublast we have just finished sandblasting then spray painting food van trailer for our customer Twista Bros. Check out our video of our technician spraying the trailer Fire Truck Red colour. The red colour stands out extremely well. Our customer wanted a bright colour to stand out in the crowd and attract more business to his awesome food business.
It was so great to have our customer come in and pick up the trailer and be so happy with not only the colour but also the spray painted finish. Now with a fresh coat of paint on the trailer it looks brand new and will last for many years to come out in the weather. The paint we used is from Wagon Paints who have a great range of colours and a top quality product.

XL Falcon sandblasted to remove paint and rust for spray painting

Our customer David bought his XL Falcon late last year and is wanting to start restoring it. Having the old paint and spots of rust all around the car makes it difficult to start restoration work. Together with Ublast we can help David by sandblasting the XL Falcon to remove the paint and rust to show what condition the car is in with a fully clean surface.
After sand blasting the falcon David can now see what ares need to be repaired and proceed to work on fixing all the problem areas.
Check out the video to view how the XL Falcon looks after it has been sandblasted

TERMINATOR IS HERE!! Ublast has a new sandblasting job in Hallam

TERMINATOR IS HERE!! Ublast has a new sandblasting job in Hallam. Our customer Michael purchased the TERMINATOR several years ago and he stays indoors in the lounge room as a great feature display. Over the past few years you can see the TERMINATOR has been affected by condensation, whether it was the humidity or air conditioning system, he now has parts of the exterior showing signs of light surface rust. Sandblasting the exterior will clean the surface and bring the TERMINATOR back to it’s original shiny looking condition.

Stay tuned for more, pardon the pun;

why sandblast a car

Why sandblast a car?

Many times when you are restoring your car, you will have a lot of corrosion that is occurred on the vehicle due to being left out in the environment for years were simply as a result of being an older vehicle. To restore the vehicle, you want to move the existing rust and then repaint the car so that you have the highest quality finish possible. The important things you should consider when you are going to be sandblasting cars is ensuring the surface is prepared properly for the spray paint to adhere. The goal when you will be sandblasting a car is typically to remove the existing paint so that a new paint job can be applied and provide both protection and a high quality appearance.

There are 3 options to remove paint from your car.
Vapour blasting
Each type of blasting has it’s advantages. With all types of abrasive media, you will typically need to protect or remove certain soft parts so that you do not damage them. Common media selections for automotive blasting with a traditional sandblast pot. For removing just coating walnut shell. For removing rust glass bead or if significant rusting has occurred aluminum oxide.
A sandblaster uses many types of dry abrasive from Garnet, aluminium oxide, steel grit, glass beads, walnut shell and many others. Depending on the application required will depend on what type of abrasive you will need to use.
A Soda blaster uses baking soda to clean and strip coatings on car surface. Baking soda is one of the most effective medias at removing a coating while not changing the underlying substrate. A soda blaster can be used while leaving delicate parts on the car like plastic and chrome. If you’re going to use a traditional sandblast unit you have to remove soft materials like the plastic and chrome
A vapor blasting system mixes water along with sandblast media. The benefits of a vapor blasting system are that it produces less dust than traditional blasting. Additionally, the vapor blasting system will remove media from the surface as you blast which can help reduce the prep time for coatings after you have sandblasted

Torana Sunbird sandblasting then etch prime

Torana Sunbird sandblasting then etch prime. Torana Sunbird badly needs to be restored. All the rust and old paint must be removed before full restoration can commence. This is the before video of the Torana, stay tuned for the after video of the car with all the paint and rust stripped back to bare metal

Isuzu truck tray frame sandblasted etch primed

Isuzu truck tray frame sandblasted etch primed. This truck had some bad rust in spots on the tray and was progressively getting worse. We sand blasted the complete rear of this truck and spray painted etch primer on it to protect it from further being destroyed. The team at P J Panels will spray paint the tray and frame and their customer will be extremely happy with the fact the truck will look new again.