Isuzu truck tray frame sandblasted etch primed

Isuzu truck tray frame sandblasted etch primed. This truck had some bad rust in spots on the tray and was progressively getting worse. We sand blasted the complete rear of this truck and spray painted etch primer on it to protect it from further being destroyed. The team at P J Panels will spray paint the tray and frame and their customer will be extremely happy with the fact the truck will look new again.

Sandblasting Spray Painting Outdoor Furniture

Sandblasting Spray Painting Outdoor Furniture. Remove old paint with sand blasting then applying an epoxy primer. Once the primer has cured or dried properly then we can apply the spraying of the epoxy base coat and top coat. We have 36 pieces of outdoor furniture that needs to be refurbished. In the 36 pieces of outdoor furniture we have chairs tables lounges.

Skip Bin sandblasted spray painted to remove rust and old paint Hallam

Skip Bin sandblasted spray painted to remove rust and old paint. Ublast Pty Ltd is located at 136 Abbott Road Hallam. This skip bin needing to be stripped back. It had the old paint and surface rust removed to be spray painted. Ublast sand blasted the bin and put a coat of etch primer on it. This will protect it for the short term until our customer has the time to spray paint it. Now Kinloh Bins will be able to rent the bin out to customers again.

Spray paint steel ute tray

Spray painting a steel ute tray can be a long time consuming process. Luke from Ublast pty ltd recently sandblasted our customer’s Hilux ute tray. The tray had lots of rust and old flaky paint on it so we sand blasted it to clean the surface and get it ready for spray painting. After some time to etch prime the ute tray it is now ready for spray painting 2 pack paint. Check out our video to see what the ute tray looks like now.

Remove powder coating from steel with sandblasting

How to remove powder coating from aluminium iron steel with sandblasting

We have created a short video to show what your steel product will look like before and after sandblasting. Powder coating is one of the best ways to protect your item from the harsh elements and avoid the steel from rust corrosion. There are several ways to remove powder coat. You can remove powder coating with a chemical stripper, abrasive media blasting or burn it off in an oven. When you sandblast powder coating the surface does not need any further preparation.

Sandblasting 4WD chasis etch prime spray paint in hallam

Sandblasting 4WD chasis etch prime spray paint for our customer. Ublast is sand blasting and spray painting this chassis and we are located at 136 Abbott road Hallam

Our customer Matthew sent us an email asking for a company to do the sand blasting on my chassis before I get into the repair work. Matthew suggested in the past that it used to cost him nothing as he had a mate who owned a sand blasting and powder coating business in Melbourne. His mate has since sold the business and moved on with life therefore Matthew searched on the internet for a sandblasting company to help with his needs. Matt’s comments were “I don’t have time to do some sandblasting on the chassis, can you help me?”

After several calls Matthew spoke to Luke and got some idea on pricing to sandblast and paint his chassis. The wheels & tyres are still on the chassis along with the diff. A full restoration is required to restore the 4WD back to it’s original condition. We booked in the chassis and went to work straight away sand blasting all the old paint and rust off the chassis. Once it’s been sand blasted, then we can prepare it for etch primimg and spray painting. When the chassis has been etch primed we will leave it cure overnight and apply a second coat. With 2 coats of etch primer on it Luke can apply the Tu Pac top coats to finish off the protection of the surface.

Sandblasting Glass bricks with aluminium oxide for Monash University

Sandblasting Glass bricks with aluminium oxide. Terry from the Glass Brick Company came to us and asked for Ublast to sandblast the glass bricks he needs for a huge project in the Monash University. These bricks will be on display so the blasting of the bricks have to be consistent with each one having an identical look and feel about them. With a total of 2150 bricks, this is a big job that needs to be completed with the utmost care. Check out our video with the glass bricks.

Sandblasting Spray Painting Trailer

We sandblasted and spray painted this trailer. At Ublast we can help repair any object to make it look new again. Rust never sleeps and over time rust can eat away at the surface and create problems like holes in the metal or steel.