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Sandblasting 4WD chasis etch prime spray paint in hallam

Sandblasting 4WD chasis etch prime spray paint for Matt Burns. Ublast is sand blasting and spray painting this chasis and we are located at 136 Abbott road Hallam

Matt sent us an email asking for a company to do the sand blasting on my chassis before I get into the repair work. Matt suggested in the past that it used to cost him nothing as he had a mate who owned a sand blasting and powder coating business in Melbourne. His mate has since sold the business and moved on with life therefore Matt searched on the internet for a sandblasting company to help with his needs. Matt’s comments were “I don’t have time to do some sandblasting on the chassis, can you help me?”

After several calls Matt spoke to Luke and got some idea on pricing to sandblast and paint his chasis. The wheels & tyres are still on the chasis along with the diff. A full restoration is required to restore the 4WD back to it’s original condition. We booked in the chasis and went to work straight away sand blasting all the old paint and rust off the chasis. Once it’s been sand blasted, then we can prepare it for etch primimg and spray painting. When the chasis has been etch primed we will leave it cure overnight and apply a second coat. With 2 coats of etch primer on it Luke can apply the Tu Pac top coats to finish off the protection of the surface.

Sandblasting Glass bricks with aluminium oxide for Monash University

Sandblasting Glass bricks with aluminium oxide. Terry from the Glass Brick Company came to us and asked for Ublast to sandblast the glass bricks he needs for a huge project in the Monash University. These bricks will be on display so the blasting of the bricks have to be consistent with each one having an identical look and feel about them. With a total of 2150 bricks, this is a big job that needs to be completed with the utmost care. Check out our video with the glass bricks.

Sandblasting Spray Painting Trailer

We sandblasted and spray painted this trailer. At Ublast we can help repair any object to make it look new again. Rust never sleeps and over time rust can eat away at the surface and create problems like holes in the metal or steel.

Doncaster book Binders Roll Dispenser

Sandblasted roll dispenser and spray painted

Jeremy from Doncaster Book Binders has asked the team at Ublast Pty Ltd to help make a roll dispenser the staff can use for a cloth fabric. We managed to find a local manufacturing contractor to make the roll dispenser out of tube steel. Jeremy sent a drawing of the size of the roll dispenser they need with the inside diameter of the rolls and the maximum length roll of fabric they will use each time. Once we established the sizes Doncaster Book Binders will us with their fabric rolls, the next step was to have the frame made to specification. The roll dispenser was made from mild tube steel and welded to the correct size. Now the roll dispenser is ready for spray painting however because the roll dispenser has been manufactured from new steel, the paint will not stick to the surface. The quickest way to get the new steel ready for spraying is to sandblast it. Once it has been sand blasted the roll dispenser can be spray painted to make it look brand new and ready for operation. We have a photo of the finished product which has been delivered to Doncaster Book Binders and Jeremy has fitted it onto his working table for the fabric to be cut to size for the books they must prepare for their customers. After some very easy testing Jeremy is extremely happy with his new tool he can use and make working a whole lot easier for his staff to cut their fabric to size. previously the staff had to place the roll of fabric on the table and try to roll out the fabric then cut it. Now the staff can easily roll the fabric out and cut it with ease. This day and age they say to Work smarter not harder so having this new tool should provide that service.
Contact us anytime for the best way to sandblast and spray paint any object or tool you need.

Holden VL car for sandblasting and spray painting

Jake brought his Holden VL into Ublast Pty Ltd and asked “What is the best way to strip my car and get it re sprayed? Rather than stuff around with a bit of rust repair here and paint touch-up there, I’m considering taking it to someone and having it stripped back to bare metal and resprayed in the same 2-pac metallic light blue or crimson red? Obviously the cost would depend on the extent of rust repairs required, but excluding that how much (roughly) would I be looking at to get the full rub back and respray?”
We explained in detail to Jake the most efficient way is to totally strip his car of all the trim, take windscreens out, remove all your interior and exterior parts. Once you have prepared your car, bring it into Ublast and we will start the process of sandblasting it. When the sandblasted car is complete we can clean out all the abrasive, vacuum all the contaminates and start prepping it for spray painting.
You can spend a fortune and end up with a poor job or take it a professional company and get them to do a fantastic job. We want to make sure Jake gets a fantastic job and is happy with the finished product. Preparation of any surface is the key to making sure the paint sticks to the surface properly. With a clean surface the paint will adhere so much better and last a lot longer, there are several ways to remove paint and rust, acid dipping, chemical application and more. The most efficient way is sandblasting. No more preparation is needed after your item has been sandblasted especially for metal items as the surface is back to it’s original state and ready to be etch primed and have base coat and top coat applied.

Bedford Van Sandblasting 1

Bedford Van for sandblasting This is our project at Ublast Pty Ltd or Narre Warren Sandblasting

Bedford Vehicles, usually shortened to just Bedford, was a brand of vehicle produced by Vauxhall Motors, which was ultimately owned by General Motors (GM). Established in 1930 and constructing commercial vehicles, Bedford Vehicles was a leading international lorry brand, with substantial export sales of light, medium, and heavy lorries throughout the world. It was GM Europe’s most profitable venture for several years. Bedford’s smallest products, car-derived vans, were the Bedford HA van, which substantially outlived the Vauxhall Viva HA on which it was based, and the Bedford Chevanne, a short-lived variant of the Vauxhall Chevette. An estate conversion of the HA van by Martin Walter was marketed as the Bedford Beagle. This was further developed into a camper van, the Roma, again by Martin Walter.

This is our project at Ublast Pty Ltd or Narre Warren Sandblasting

We are helping Craig restore his Bedford Van by sandblasting all the old paint and remove the rust from the surface. You can see if the pictures this Van needs some loving and with hard work and time, she will look fantastic again. Craig has asked if we can sandblast underneath and the exterior of the van to prepare it for spray painting. The roof and side walls are fragile and sand blasting can damage the panels. With our air pressure turned right down and using a very soft abrasive, we can confidently sandblast all the panels and roof without any warping. These Bedford Vans are a classic antique vintage car and removing the paint and rust would take extremely long hours to remove by hand. Sandblasting is the quickest way but you still have to be careful in the application of paint stripping.

Once this Bedford Van has been sandblasted, Craig can take it and apply an etch primer to protect the van from further rusting. With some light sanding and preparation to get the van ready for spray painting, she will be back on the road in no time.


Sandblasting Spray Painting Hallam

Ublast Pty Ltd has a sandblasting and spray painting room for any type of object.
Whether you have a car trailer truck boat outdoor setting bumper bar ute tray wheels gas bottle tool box, we can help you restore your item and have it looking brand new again.
Sand blasting is still one of the most efficient ways to clean the surface to be ready for the spray paint to be applied. Once the surface has been sand blasted, you can apply the paint with confidence knowing your product will be protected for years to come.
Why is sandblasting used?
Sandblasting or abrasive grit blasting is a surface treatment process widely used in a variety of different industries with many diverse purposes. Sandblasting or abrasive blasting is the process by which an abrasive media is accelerated through a blasting nozzle by means of compressed air. Narre Warren Sandblasting is part of Ublast who also are an online shopping website for Air Compressors and Sandblasters, air tools air hose and more. We are a premiere company that focuses on customer satisfaction.
We offer great service at competitive prices on sandblasting and spray painting. Why not contact us anytime for your FREE quote.

Spray Booth 1

Spray Booth operating at Ublast spray painting

Ublast has now installed a spray painting facility in their factory. Formerly known as Narre Warren Sandblasting or Sandblaster.Melbourne, we offer sandblasting and spraypainting services. We can include professional advice for any type of spray paint from etch priming to top coats. We offer the right advice for your item. The process to clean the surface with sand blasting and help prepare the re coat your item to protect it for years is our main focus. Anything that relates to industrial spray painting, we are here to help.

Having completed many sandblasted products from cars, trucks, trailers, gas bottles, horse floats, cast iron seats, stoves, boats, steel parts, plastic sheets, signs, wheels, motorbikes, bmx’s, locking beams and much more. Our staff have abrasive blasted and spray painted for years. If your job is too big we will recommend another qualified and honest company to get your job done.

Whilst we don’t do mobile and onsite sandblasting, we have many contacts in the industry and can recommend several different blasters. We can provide a contact for soda blasting or sand blasting. We even have a contact for wet blasting.

Many of our regular customers will verify the quality of work we have completed for sandblasting and spray painting. We offer discount rates for repeat customers.

Our fully equipped factory has a walk in sand blasting and spray painting rooms which can accommodate for vehicles of most sizes. Our qualified staff will make sure that your item is completed to your satisfaction. We pride ourselves on customer service along with offering the right advice.

FREE QUOTES for any sandblast or spray paint job required, contact the team at Ublast for your free quote today.