Datsun 1200 Ute Sandblasted & Etch Primed

Datsun Ute Sandblasted & Etch Primed ready to be restored
Jake Vogas approached Luke at Ublast Pty Ltd to help restore his Datsun 1200 ute. The ute was in poor condition having many of the panels covered with rust and paint either faded or eaten away. Exposing your car to the elements with no protection without painting is certainly the most likely to deteriorate the car exterior. Jake stripped his Datsun back removing all the interior including seats. The engine was the next to be taken out of the car. All the exterior items were then removed giving Ublast a clean rolling shell to sand blast. The whole Datsun has been sandblasted, engine bay, ute tray inside & out, floor pan, around the windscreen front & rear, front dash, grill, roof and eventually underneath.
With complete restorations it is important to get your car ready for sandblasting to ensure you have a perfect spray painted finish. Now that the car is etch primed, this will make sure the Datsun stays protected and does not allow any rust to start creeping back onto the car exterior & interior. Car restoration is important as servicing your car. To avoid your car deteriorating with rust and eventually eating through the steel, we can help by sand blasting any painted or rusted items and spray paint them to make them look like new again.
Sandblasting is still one of the most efficient ways to clean the surface of paint and rust. When any object has been sand blasted the surface is ready for painting. Once painted your object will have that brand new look about it. Especially with cars a new paint job brings out the best in the car. You see many hot rod shows or exhibitions where people’s cars have been restored and look amazing.

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