• Sandblasting Service

    Need Sandblasting?
    You have come to the right place, we can sandblast any type of item from cars, trailers, boats, steel, cast iron, timber, glass and more.

    At Ublast Pty Ltd we understand that every customer’s sand blasting job is different but every customer has something in common, they need their item cleaned whether it’s removing the paint or if it’s raw steel that needs to be spray painted or powder coated.

    We will work with you to ensure your sandblasting job is done correctly in a timely manner. We can arrange to have your job completed to help you with your project. Our team will communicate with you each time to keep you informed of the progress.

    The Team at Ublast Pty Ptd offer support for all our customers with the sand blast operation and are available 6 days per week with a dedicated service contact phone number.
    At the end of each sandblasting service we will provide you with a idea on what type of spray painting or powder coating may cost to protect your item.

  • Sandblast service

    We have been providing sandblasting for many years. We can sandblast several different objects. In the past we have sandblasted car types from Chevy, Ford Falcon, Holden, MG, VW, Jeep, and many more. All types of car parts can be sand blasted from quarter panels to inner guards. We offer the right advice for any item that needs sandblasting. Below are photo’s of some of our work we have done with satified customers always coming back to get more sand blasting done.
  • DSCF6400
    Trailer Sandblasted For Jims Mowing (4)

  • Beadblasting service

    We have been providing beadblasting for many years. Bead blasting is perfect for alloy, steel, cast iron, magnesium and many other items. Car parts like rocker covers, carburettors, cylinder heads, mag wheels, radiator parts after they have been bead blasted when leave them with a polished shiny finish. In the photo below, our customer brought in a set of mag wheels which were bead blasted leaving a very smooth surface.
  • DSCF6462

  • Sodablasting service

    We have many contacts in the sodablasting industry. With access to several mobile contractors we can point you in the right direction with the correct advice. Only dealing with professional soda blasters we guarantee the contractors will provide the best service for your needs. We can also provide soda blasting done at our premises, our professional sub contractor Craig at Enviroblast is a very experienced sodablast operator who in the past has completed many sodablasting jobs for us, check out the photo below of a F-100 cabin sodablasted by Craig
  • Sandblast F100 Cab (6)

  • Spray Painting service

    Rust never sleeps.
    The weather elements can be very harsh on any surface can offer a spray painting service for any object you may have. With the best method of cleaning the surface by sand blasting this will guarantee that when the object is spray painted this will ensure to coat and protect the surface of the object. Applying an etch primer base and top coats are essential at protecting the surface from rust, especially cars, trucks and trailers which are constantly exposed to the elements.
  • DSCF6451