Sandblasting cast iron furniture


Sandblasting cast iron furniture is a great way to remove that old flaky paint that seems to be peeling off and those rust spots that start to appear. You can try to scrap off the paint with a wire brush or spatula however the paint and rust will not come off that easy and when you go to paint your furniture again that paint will not stay on and you will go through the same process again and again.

Remove the old paint and rust from your old furniture to make it look brand new again by sandblasting it. Sandblasting is still the most efficient way to clean the surface to prepare it for spray painting. When the surface has been sand blasted your paint will be applied and will adhere to the surface extremely well and stay on for years.

The weather elements can be harsh to any material whether its steel, cast iron, aluminium, timber or plastic. By sand blasting the surface and taking off any paint or rust, it allows for the item to be painted and look brand new again and most importantly, it protects your item from deteriorating any further.

Check out the photos of the before and after pictures.

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